In my free time I co-develop indie videogames with friends at Onirik Game Studio in Mexico (AKA Salmon Snake Studio, AKA Hollow Games). I mostly create stories, write scripts, and help in game production/design

Murasaki Mist: Akara's Journey

An indie hack & slash action RPG in a post-apocalyptic, fantasy version of southern Mexico. In a world ravaged by nuclear holocaust, but still full of Mexican traditions, a young warrior must question her own past and discover the truth behind the endless war between people and demonkind. Available for PS3 and PS Vita, and soon in our amazing metaverse platform Anotherscape!

Net Space Saga

An indie RPG / graphic adventure game that follows the jazz-imbued travels of a band of space truckers as they stumble into the deepest secrets of the drug cartels in the Solar System. Eclectic, Latin American, and worringly Lovecraftian. Get it on Steam!

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gerardo.iniguez [AT] tuni [DOT] fi

Tampere University, Finland

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